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Pool Problems: 

What now?  Close the swimming pool?  Fix a leak?  Any other ideas?  That's the question that came up when a major leak was recently discovered at Mormon Trail Pool on Humeston's Broad Street.

The leak, with the cost of lost chemicals and water, is making the pool board face major decisions.  Pool Board President Peggy Gwinn reports the pool can't keep operating because of the cost.

ACCO estimates repairing the leak could mean shutting down the pool for at least two weeks, and the cost of repairs is currently estimated to be $40,000.00.

"We asked the ACCO representative if our pool was worth putting this amount of money back in to and he said, yes, he felt it was," Gwinn said.  

Although the local swimming pool is officially located on property owned by the city of Humeston, no tax dollars go into the operation and maintenance of the pool.  The pool is operated by a swimming pool board.  All expenses are covered by donations, grants and fundraisers conducted by pool board members.

"The pool was built in 1992.  We are reaching out to the community for your help in making a decision or for any donations or ideas on what to do," Gwinn says.  "Everyone in the community is welcome and needed to help with this decision."

An informational meeting will be held at the Humeston Library on Sunday, July 13 at 7:00 p.m.  Please come with ideas to share to keep the pool open!

Watermelon Day 2014 Theme Chosen
Watermelon Day is Saturday, July 19th and this years parade theme is "Celebrate the Generations" 
We would especially like to highlight anyone with a great-grandparent from the Humeston area with 5 generations in the parade!
We need YOUR creativity to make the parade a great success!  Help us celebrate the oldest to newest that you have; tractors, cars, animals, or PEOPLE!  Show us what "Celebrate the Generations" means to you!
Beginning at 7:00 a.m. June 16, the concrete overlay project will begin on Highway 65 from the Wayne county line north to Lucas corner and that stretch of road will be closed.  According to the DOT, is is expected to re-open Aug. 12.

For more information, please visit the DOT website:

It is important that we all work together this construction season to ensure the safety of the construction workers, motorists, and area residents traveling to and from our beautiful community.  Everyone please be safe!
Great News from Humeston City Hall
A special announcment from City Hall:
Phase 1 of the ongoing beautification of the
City of Humeston is complete! 
Several years ago, citizens and friends of Humeston began a journey together to update and beautify the town.  Now, as one visits the city, they can stroll down safe sidewalks as they shop or enjoy the nice weather on one of the bright and friendly donated memorial benches.  Visitors will also enjoy the new town clock, freshly painted water tower, and continuing landscaping efforts throughout the town.
At this time, City Hall proudly announces that due to your generosity, the needs for memorial benches have been met!  Humeston City Hall would like to thank everyone who has donated memorial benches as well as those who have volunteered time, efforts and skill sets to plant trees, paint, wire, fund raise and bring to life the vision of Phase 1. 
As we enter Phase 2, new projects and needs arise.  Some of those new needs focus on the continuing development of the RV Park, Humeston Union Depot & Museum complex and the ongoing needs of the Chris Street Memorial Park. 
In Phase 2, Humeston City Hall would like to install permanent picnic tables at the RV Park.  These picnic tables will continue to offer families the ability to enjoy all that our town has to offer.  Much like the memorial benches, the picnic tables may be donated as a memorial to a loved one, or sponsored by a class, business, or individual.  Plaques indicating the memorial or sponsorship will be installed with the picnic tables.
Another goal during Phase 2 is to install permanent trash recepticles throughout the city to encourage continuing efforts to keep the city clean and safe.
If you or someone you know would like to discuss  memorial picnic table donations or sponsorships or learn more about the city needs during Phase 2, please contact Humeston City Hall at 641-877-6841. 
With continued teamwork and ongoing efforts and enthusiasm, we are certain that Phase 2 will be as successful as Phase 1 and look forward to these new opportunities to continue the beautification of our beloved town!
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